Client Testimonials

Chris, 22

Online personal training

“I was hesitant to try an online coaching app, but the Core Essentials Package exceeded my expectations. The calorie and macronutrient profiling was a game changer for me in terms of understanding exactly what I need to achieve my goals, the very easy to use workout planner has helped me stay consistent with my exercise routine. I’m already feeling more confident and energised.”

Mike, 30

Online personal training

“I’ve tried a lot of different nutrition and fitness programs, but the Core Essentials Package I did with Jay is by far the best. He explains in full detail not just what you have to do but WHY it is essential to do it. Great knowledge of the science in regards to nutrition and fitness, very responsive when in need of support it’s like having a specialised nutritionist & personal trainer in your pocket!”

Mark, 28

Online personal training

“I’ve been trying to build muscle and lose fat for years, but it wasn’t until I started using the Core Essentials Package that I really started seeing results. The personalised nutrition plan I received was exceptionally tailor made to suit my lifestyle and my goals, and the community group has been great for connecting with others on a similar journey.”

Martina, 33

Online personal training

“I no longer have to say on 1st of January this summer to achieve my happy body, as i just accomplished it! Thank you Jay, it’s been an absolute pleasure!”

Michael, 27

Online personal training

“I gained 7kg of muscle last year after struggling to gain weight my entire life”

Ali, 19

Online personal training

“I found it very easy to stay focused with the program I did with Jay, he supported me throughout the entire process his understanding of nutrition allowed me plenty of variety with my meals and the results came faster than I expected!”

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