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Accelerate your body transformation journey with the expertise of an online personal trainer and nutrition coach.

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What is an Online Personal Trainer?

An Online Personal Trainer is a cutting-edge approach to Fitness Coaching designed for individuals seeking a transformative journey for their bodies. Accessible to anyone, anywhere, this innovative method prioritises convenience, responsiveness, flexibility, and affordability. Through an Online Personal Trainer, you have the opportunity to collaborate with the best trainer globally, regardless of your geographical location.

How an Online Personal Trainer Works

Select Your Package

Choose the package that aligns with your aspirations and expectations, ensuring that you receive the ultimate experience and achieve remarkable results. With a variety of options, you can trust that you will find the perfect fit for your journey towards success with an online personal trainer.

iOS & Android App

User-friendly online personal trainer app, specially designed to deliver your personalised plans, advanced analytics, and expert coaching form anywhere in the world. Once you sign up, you’ll gain instant access to this tool, ensuring that you have everything you need to achieve your goals.

Meet with Your Coach

You’ll be personally contacted by Jay to schedule your initial consultation via video or phone call. This one-on-one consultation will help me understand your unique needs, goals, and preferences, enabling me to design a customised training and nutrition plan that delivers the results you need.

Personalised Program

Taking all the information gathered during your onboarding process I’ll design a bespoke, measured coaching plan that perfectly fits your unique needs and preferences as your one-to-one online personal trainer.

Daily Support

With in app instant chat you will experience unlimited support and motivation with all my online personal training programs, where I provide daily guidance and encouragement to ensure you stay on track.


Achieve fast, effective results. My data-driven approach provides value to make for informed decisions about your wants and needs. Join today to achieve the life-changing transformation you deserve.

Online Personal Trainer & Nutrition Services

Transform Your Health and Fitness with Our Comprehensive Services

Online Nutrition Coaching


  • Personalised Nutrition Plan (unlimited reviews)

  • Macronutrient & Calorie Intake Report

  • Sync’d Nutrition Diary

  • Monthly Progress Reports

  • Unlimited Support via In App Chat

  • Cancel anytime

This package is for anyone looking for science based tailored nutrition coaching providing unlimited support and motivation.

Elite Online Personal Training


  • All Features of Nutrition Coaching

  • Personalised Training Plan

  • Initial & Follow Up Video Consultations

  • Bi-Weekly Progress Analysis

  • Unlimited Support & Communication

  • Cancel anytime

This package is for anyone looking for the best online personal trainer, providing elite coaching and unrivalled support and accountability.

Ultimate Transformation


  • All Features Of Elite

  • Welcome & Bi-Weekly Video Consultations

  • Weight Management & Mindset Coaching

  • Weekly Progress Analysis

  • Virtual Exercise Corrections

  • Cancel anytime

This package is for anyone looking for the ultimate body transformation with elite coaching, support on demand and assertive accountability.

Personal Training Online

Remove the guess work from your training and eating habits with my online personal training plans. Begin each day with confidence, knowing precisely how to approach your training and what to consume in order to accomplish your goals. I take a science-based approach to training and nutrition, these proven methods allow you to rest easy at night with the assurance that you're making progress. Don't let guesswork undermine your goals any longer. Sign up now and experience the ease and efficacy of my online personal training and nutrition plans, designed to help you transform your body and mind.

Science-based approach to your training and nutrition, using the latest research to construct your personalised programs and ensure the best possible outcomes for you.

Your programs are personalised to meet your unique needs throughout your online personal training journey.

24 hour in app support to provide you with personal guidance, helping you achieve your health goals Contact and overcome challenges along the way.

I focus on delivering real, measurable results for you! I use data and feedback to continually improve your programs, ensuring maximum impact from your online personal training.

My Online Personal Training Reviews!

Online personal training
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“I’ve been trying to build muscle and lose fat for years, but it wasn’t until I started online personal training with Jay that I really started seeing results. The personalised nutrition plan I received was exceptionally tailor made to suit my lifestyle and my goals, and the community group has been great for connecting with others on a similar journey.”

Mark, 28

“I’ve tried a lot of different nutrition and fitness programs, but the online personal training I did with Jay is by far the best. He explains in full detail not just what you have to do but WHY it is essential to do it. Great knowledge of the science in regards to nutrition and fitness, very responsive when in need of support it’s like having a specialised nutritionist & personal trainer in your pocket!”

Mike, 30

“I was hesitant to try an online personal trainer, but the package I did with Jay exceeded my expectations. The calorie and macro profiling was a game changer for me in understanding exactly what I need to do to achieve my goals, the very easy to use workout planner helped me stay consistent with my routine. I’m already feeling more confident and energised.”

Chris, 22